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G'day! My name is Lizzie.


I'm 23 years of age, and I live on Bruny Island; a small island off the South-East coast of Tasmania.

'luna' is short for 'Lunawanna' - this is the beautiful town I was lucky enough to grow up in. Right in the heart of Bruny. This Island is everything to me. It holds all of the things that I treasure the most - family, beautiful beaches and coastlines, and the freshest air you'd ever come across - this place is epic and I count my blessings everyday because I can call this place 'home'. 

Along with support from my family, Bruny Island gave me the gift of surfing. Regardless of the cold temperatures, surfing was my sport of choice growing up, also being the only young female surfer on the Island. 

I am now a surfer on the World Qualifying Series, and travel the world chasing competitions. I have begun my journey in the world of Big Wave surfing also; this isn't a cheap career choice, so being self funded, I wanted to put my other strengths to use and try to make some money on the side. This is how i created luna in 2017.


My latest collection, being released in 2020, is the Bruny Island Abalone collection. These are pieces of jewellery I have crafted out of the abalone shell - this range took months of experimenting but I am so glad with the outcome, and these are my proudest pieces - made with so much love. See more of the Bruny Island Abalone Range


I have always loved design, and creating little pieces that can put a smile on someone else's face is so rewarding to me. And I'm so fortunate that it can now contribute to my surfing career.


So when you purchase LUNA, you are helping me to work towards my life-long passion. And I thank you so much for that. 

Follow my journey on instagram: @lizzie_stokely

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