I'm so excited to announce that I will be releasing a jewellery line made with Tasmanian abalone. 

This has been a project of mine for a while, and I have spent countless hours perfecting the pieces. 

Each piece will be completely unique - caught off Bruny Island, the shell holds a mother of pearl finish that holds individual colours of blue, green, purple and pink.


The abalone shells that I use have either been found on the beach or caught diving. Myself and my family have caught the abalone; living by the ocean, seafood is our staple diet. Myself and my little sister dive for abalone (and crayfish when in season) roughly once a fortnight. We spend most afternoons out fishing for other types of seafood - it is our lifestyle and it beats going to the supermarket thats for sure (mind you we don't have a supermarket on Bruny Island anyway)! Our recreational license allows us to catch five sized abalone per person per day. Though this limit is rarely met as we only take what we need - we are very conscious of being sustainable when we fish. I know I would like my future kids to learn how to catch their dinner like I've been lucky enough to learn growing up. Cooking ab can go two ways - you need a Tasmanian to do it for a start or else you'll end up with something resembling a leather boot. When it's cooked to perfection it's addicting - we have a few family recipes and tricks, and I can't wait to share some of those with you also. 

So instead of throwing out the shells after we have shucked them, I thought that I would like to take advantage of the entire abalone, and the beautiful mother of pearl that these abalones carry to make some timeless pieces that are unique and made with a lot of love. 

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Lizzie xx