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bruny island abalone

a note from lizzie

Living on Bruny Island has meant that I have been lucky enough to live a life near the sea. Ever since I was little I have been lucky enough to be able to have a seafood pantry right at my doorstep. I love diving and fishing, and getting a feed for myself and my family to enjoy with a few nice cold beers couldn't make me happier. 

Here in tassie, with a recreational license, we are allowed 5 black lip abalone per person. We rarely meet this quota as we see abalone as a treat - so a nice little taste will do us then we move onto some crayfish or other seafood!! 

One afternoon I was shucking the abalones and had a thought about using the beautiful shell for something. If you dive and you live in Tassie, I'm sure you could agree that abalone shells litter our front yards, back yards, inside as decorations - the list goes on! We really don't have much use for them after we have shucked them and taken the good stuff out. 

So I decided to have a play around with a shell.


I had an image in mind...

I wanted a range of jewellery on my site that means something. I want people to wear these abalone pieces and think of our island home, Tassie or Bruny, and feel connected and proud to be here. Make them feel at home.


These earrings mean a lot to me, I do put in so so much time to make them. There are only 28 pairs made each month. I can't mass produce these ever. I truly just wanted to make them so I can share these pieces with my fellow Tasmanians, (or those who just love the abalone!) and they make you smile and feel at home.

Want to create your own bespoke pair? Click here to begin.

please get in contact if you would like to custom order a piece. Browse our previous custom pieces here.

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Lizzie xx


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Welcome to the luna family xx

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