The Peak Ring - first we had it in silver, now available for our golden girls! 18K yellow gold from our gold plated collection. 925 Sterling Silver, plated with 1 Micron 18K Yellow Gold.

Named after 'Adamson's Peak' - the prominent mountain straight west from Bruny Island that can be seen from our town of Lunawanna.

A perfect ring for stacking - can be worn layered with other rings, on its own or as a thumb ring.


CARE: To avoid the wear down of the plated gold we recommend taking the ring off for showering, exercise, and any ocean activities or activities that may scratch the surface of the ring.Grow your luna collection with the addition of the peak ring! Sizes are in US.Size 5/6 (small size)Size 7/8 (medium size)Size 9 (large size/thumb ring)Size 12 (extra large/ male ring)

peak ring - gold